Mit tiefer Demut, aber gleichzeitig immensem Stolz dokumentieren wir hier die Grüße der KPP an die Genossen, die gegen den G20 Gipfel in Hamburg gekämpft haben:

We have seen the message in the publication of the Anti-imperialist Alliance that has carried out such a magnificent resistance, the cohesion against the meeting of the imperialists and their lackeys of the G20. This strengthens us and at the same time drives our work and the masses are able, expect that the PCP PROGRESSES AND OVERCOME THE BEND, the GRP will be completed AND WE LAY THE FOUNDATIONS FOR THAT.

We ask you to convey our appreciation to the comrades of the Anti-imperialist Alliance for their clear message and also to all the masses who have fought alongside them and have given us this great triumph for the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, delivering a blow to the imperialists and their lackeys. Your message has reached the proletariat and the people of Peru, we have felt very close to your breath in struggle and your shouts of combat: IT IS RIGHT TO REBEL! We ask to publish this short but significant greeting, on our part attaching the message itself and the photos that follow.