The propaganda campaign of the bourgeois press and the old state against the Indian comrades who carry out the people's war continues. They invent exaggerated heroic stories to ennoble the fight against the people, as the headline "Stabbed, jawan fights 4 armed Maoists bare-handed, makes them flee" published by the “Times of India” makes more than clear. An awesome human-being tells a tale where he was surrounded and disarmed by four Maoists, but could magically manage to get his gun back. The stab wound in his chest obviously didn’t bother him at all. Of course, he then also fired at them. However, he doesn’t seem to be the best shooter, since he didn’t hit with a single bullet (that was, of course, because he had to be careful to not shoot any civilians). We’re pretty convinced that this member of the reactionary forces of India is not telling the whole truth. But this hero’s story fits perfectly into the government’s attempt of demoralizing the oppressed people and spreading the word that Maoism would be at its “last leg”, as Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh lately claimed in a speech, praising the successes of the CPRF (a paramilitary force that carries out “anti-Naxalite operations”). Furthermore, he claimed that the Maoists were "anti-poor" and "anti-development" and that everyone knew that too. These absurd insinuations prove that the old state is calculatingly spreading lies about the Maoist ideology, because anyone who has the slightest idea of the almighty ideology of the proletariat - which actually is represented by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism -  knows that Maoism is fighting for wiping out poverty once and for all by building a new, classless society, which means historical progress – and development - in its purest form.

Big demonstration of peasants

On March 6th, more than 35.000 peasants marched for 170 km from Maharashtra region to Mumbai. They reached Mumbai after 6 days bringing their demands and red flags with the hammer and sickle along the way. They were promised the fulfilment of 80% of their demands by the goverment.

23 years ago, during the so-called “Gazi Mahallesi olayları”(Gazi Quarter riots) in March 1995, 18 people that fought against the reactionary Turkish state were murdered and hundreds more were injured by the reactionary forces. The riots in the working-class quarter started because of a provocative gunned attack on several cafes at the same time and lasted for 3 days with actions in several places in Istanbul and Ankara. The protests reached its climax when tens of thousands fought fierce battles with the armed, reactionary forces at a police station in the Gazi quarter, Istanbul.

On March 8th, women around the world waged protests against patriarchy, oppression and imperialism. The activities in India, organized by the CPI (Maoist) directly addressed the violence against women through policemen. Hundreds of women participated. The Maoists claimed that the government uses sexual assault and rape as weapon in their desperate attempts to crush the People's War. The fight against this cruelty of every war and for the proletarian feminism in a part of the world where the People's War is currently taking place upholds the truth that the proletarian feminism is an inseparable part of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism and therefore part of the most powerful and universally valid ideology of our time.

The Indian Home Minister Ramsewak Paikra was lately accused of not fighting successfully enough against the Maoists by his opposition. To keep his face, he revealed the numbers of killed, arrested and surrendered comrades and of confiscated weapons and landmines of the past two years. Those numbers - published by the “Times of India” - would proof that the governmental “Anti-Naxal operations and policies” could decline the Maoists activities in several areas. Unfortunately, losses and setbacks are an inevitable reality of war. But Paikra is only trying to irritate the people – and of course he wants to stay in office. Reality, on the other hand, speaks another language than Paikra, who almost certainly palliated his numbers. Especially when it comes to “surrendered” comrades the bourgeois press has published fake numbers repeatedly and had to admit that later on. And the “Times of India” itself (as well as other bourgeois periodicals) underlines the continuing success of the Maoists by publishing news on Maoist activities weekly. Those listed beneath are only a few examples of five days.

Bourgeois politicians are the enemies of the revolutionary women worldwide!

The disgusting reactionary ideology of the President of the Philippines, Duterte, has revealed itself again. Last week, he ordered his soldiers to shoot female communists into the vaginas.

The President of the Philippines, Duterte, recently officially called the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) and the NPA (New People‘s Army) terrorists. According to the bourgeois press, who is referring to sources of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines), that forced many members of the NPA to surrender. The CPP, however, didn’t deny that there have been some capitulating individuals, naming surenderees a “part of the realities of war” in a press release. Those surrenderees are denoted as a uprising trend by the bourgeois press. Those allegations are strenuously rejected by the CPP.

The CPI (Maoist) calls a bandh in Telangana, starting today on February 5, to "fight the fascist repression" of the state of India, as they announced. Because of the announcement a few days ago, the police has intensified their presence and security measures in the district by installing surveillance devices like mobile phone towers and sending extra forces to the area. However, the Maoists were and are well-prepared. For example, the PLGA (People's Liberation Guerilla Army) has, as The Hindu reports, damaged roads and a bridge as well as the comrades secured their strongholds with trenches and blockades of trees.