On Monday, comrades from the Website anovademocracia published a video of a propaganda action made by young revolutionaries in Brazil. Shouting slogans, drawing signs and painting banners the militants of the Revolutionary Youth League and the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement expressed their solidarity with imprisoned comrades and democratic activists in India.

In a command conference with ground commanders the chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines General Rey Guerrero on Tuesday exclaimed his goal to eradicate half of the New People’s Army in the next six months – a farfetched goal, considering the great successes NPA forces had in December. A report published Sunday indicates that the reactionary armed forces lost at least 26 soldiers in NPA actions in December.

2017 has been a bad year for the reactionary forces in Chhattisgarh. In their war against the people, they weren't able to increase the number of Maoist (or alleged Maoists) they were able to kill, while the amount of personal lost on the other hand went up. Not only were the revolutionary forces able to inflict greater losses in Chhattisgarh, they were also able to make great leaps in other parts of the country.

Thousands of people in at least eight different cities under the government of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq in December went on the streets to protest against their unpaid salaries and the widespread governmental corruption. In the course of the protests offices of five mayor parties in the region were attacked with stones, stormed and, in some cases, burned to the ground.

Since three days the Iranian government is faced with a series of demonstrations, that erupted and spread to various other parts after some thousand people took to the streets of Masshad, Iran's second-largest city, on Thursday. Denouncing the surge in the prices for basic foods, the high unemployment and the inflation, protesters have repeatedly clashed with Iranian riot police over their demands.


We publish this declaration of the TKP/ML which was already published in german and english and is also available in greek:

Partimiz içinde yaşanan gelişmeler ve ayrışmaya dair “son bir açıklama” yaparak kamuoyunu bilgilendirmek ve yönelimimizi çizmek bir ihtiyaç olarak ortaya çıkmaktadır. Zira Partimizde yaşanan ayrışmaya dair bütünlüklü bir bilgilendirme yanında, partimizin gelinen noktada sınıf mücadelesinin görevlerine odaklanacak bir yönelime hızla sokulması açısından bu açıklamayı önemli görüyoruz. Kamuoyuna yansıyan ve yansımayan boyutuyla ana hatları ve dönüm noktalarını tespit ederek süreci bütünlüklü bir değerlendirmeye tabi tutacağız. Son yaşanan gelişmelerin ne anlam ifade ettiği, parti kamuoyumuza ne anlatmak istediğine dairde perspektifimizi ortaya koyacağız. Zira artık gelinen nokta tüm cepheleri ve hatları çizilmiş, örgütsel ayakları oturmuş, siyasi-ideolojik çizgileri belirginleşmiş net bir ayrışma durumudur. Bu tabloda partimizden bir hizip çalışmasıyla ayrışan grubu nasıl tanımladığımız, ilişkilenmemizin ve yaklaşımımızın ne olacağı, bu grubu siyasal-ideolojik tanımlamamızın ne olduğunu yeniden ve bütünlüklü ilan etmemiz gereken bir aşamaya gelmiş bulunuyoruz.

On the 15th of December, up to 19 Members of the Revolutionary Writers’ Association (Virasam) were taken into preventive custody by the indian police. This happened shortly before a protest of Virasam against the World Telugu Conference should take place. The Chairman of Virasam, Varavara Rao, who also was detained, told the reactionary indian press: "The State government is organising the conference to promote Bhramnical ideology and encouraging capitalists. These policies will have a bad impact on modern poets and budding writers".

In the evening of the same day, all mentioned Members were released from preventive custody.

We publish this letter written by Kobad Ghandy regarding his renewed arrest by the Police of Jharkhand:

After being acquitted in all cases and spending eight years and three months in jail, when I, Kobad Ghandy was finally released from jail, I was re-arrested by the Jharkhand Police just three days after release. On Dec 16, 2017, I was attending the Achempet Court (near Hyderabad), the Jharkhand, accompanied by the APSIB (Andhra Pradesh State Intelligence Bureau) arrested me and took me by flight to Ranchi.