On the occasion of the International Day of Action for the 50th Anniversary of the Naxalbari Uprising, different activities were done in various cities of different federal states in the north, east, south and west of the FRG. So the international campaign became a truly nationwide campaign. A lot of new comrades were engaged in the campaign. The effect of the campaign is highlighted by the fact that several groups of the revolutionary movement published statements on the issue, e.g. the Rote Ruhr Crew, PerspektiveOnline and Revolutionärer Aufbau BRD (Revolutionary Construction FRG). Therein the necessity of the reconstitution of the Communist Party in this country, the People`s War in India – as a weapon of combat against revisionism – and proletarian internationalism were highlighted. At the end of this article you find some quotes.

In Bremen, an impressive campaign of wall paintings in various parts of the city was carried out.50 Jahre Naxalbari Bremen 1
50 Jahre Naxalbari Bremen 2
50 Jahre Naxalbari Bremen 3
50 Jahre Naxalbari Bremen 4
50 Jahre Naxalbari Bremen 5
50 Jahre Naxalbari Bremen 6
50 Jahre Naxalbari Bremen 7

In Rostock, wall paintings were carried out.
50 JahreNaxalbari Rostock

In Hamburg and Nuremberg, information events on the Naxalbari Uprising and the People's War in India were held on 19th of May. In Hamburg, many participants were new to the topic and an interesting discussions developed. The question of political prisoners was also raised and attention was drawn to the situation of the comrades Ajith, Saibaba and Kobad Ghandy. In Nuremberg, the international solidarity campaign was carried out for the first time. The discussion following the lecture was very vivid, especially through the contributions of a comrade, who herself had been in India for some time, and was able to make important observations on the situation there and the mass work of comrades.

Various wall paintings were made in Weimar.
50 JahreNaxalbari Weimar 1
50 JahreNaxalbari Weimar 2
50 JahreNaxalbari Weimar 3

In Berlin wall paintings were carried out in Berlin-Britz and leaflets were distributed in working class neighbourhoods.
50 JahreNaxalbari Berlin 1
50 JahreNaxalbari Berlin 2
50 JahreNaxalbari Berlin 3

On 20 May a rally was held in Hamburg to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari uprising. Here mainly revolutionary youth gathered. Speeches were held, calling for the support of the People's War. On a banner, the release of Professor Saibaba, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in India this year, and all political prisoners in India, was demanded. Following the rally, the participants participated in a demonstration of sympathizers of the People's Front from Turkey for the freedom of political prisoners. Thus, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism, the struggles of the peoples of the world were united.
50 JahreNaxalbari Hamburg 1
50 JahreNaxalbari Hamburg 2
50 JahreNaxalbari Hamburg 3
50 JahreNaxalbari Hamburg 8
50 jahre Naxalbari Hamburg 4
50 JahreNaxalbari Hamburg 10

In addition, a graffiti appeared on a tall building in a working class neighbourhood and a wall painting was done in another working class neighbourhood in Hamburg.
50 JahreNaxalbari Hamburg 9
50 JahreNaxalbari Hamburg 5
50 JahreNaxalbari Hamburg 6

In the Ruhr-Area wall paintings were carried out, too.
50 JahreNaxalbari Ruhrgebiet

In other cities actions were done too but we did not received reports about them yet.

We think it is important to highlight that this Day of Action shows a clear broadening of the campaign, a rise not just in quantity but also in quality of the actions, imposed by the eager of the revolutionary youth who knows to close the ranks with the comrades struggling for the reconstitution for the Communist Party, and show in their practice a decisive, combative proletarian internationalist spirit.
Red Germany cries: Naxalbari Zindabad! It is right to rebel!

We received also a few pictures from Austria, as far we got some more we will publish it in an article.

The Internationalist Collective Berlin writes:

“... This Uprising is a milestone in the development of the armed struggle in whole India and encouraged peasants all over the country to develop the struggle against the local big landlords.
The blood feeds the revolution instead of drowning it and push more and more angry masses in its ranks. The People`s War in India is a part of the new wave of world proletarian revolution, which will sweep away imperialism from the face of the earth once and for all.”

PerspektiveOnline writes:

“The Naxalbari Uprising is the beginning of the Naxalite-movement which struggles actively against plunder by international big corporations and oppression by caste-system until today. The Movement […] is supported especially by the lowest castes and oppressed minorities like the Adivasi. It counts around 10,000 militants in arms in the ranks of the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) – one of the largest left guerilla-movements in the world.”

The Red Ruhr Crew writes:

“What started 50 years ago in the village of Naxalbari and is carried on every second today is the concrete struggle and daily prove that the war against the imperialist order is possible and correct.
It is even more important on those days to remember the own responsibility and duties to march along the path of the comrades and to it alike. In an imperialist country like the FRG it is our first duty to construct a truly revolutionary Communist Party of new type.
which in end declares armed opposition against this state and mobilises the oppressed people and therefore is a militarised party to serve the people, like in India.”