Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin and some other cities in the FRG are known to be bastions of the proletarian revolutionaries. The recent developments express an advance to the east and the south. But one corner of the west in this rotten German state on the Ruhr now plays a decisive role in the struggle between Hoxhaism and Maoism. The young proletariat of the Ruhr-Area raises the flag of Maoism and not only adopts the criticism on the Right Liquidationism but also deepens the criticism. We observe, that no matter what happens to us, there are comrades who will remain. As the Authors Collective behind we salute the firmness and persistence of the comrades. The following is a documentation of an inofficial translation of andeclaration made by the Rote Ruhe Crew [highlights made by us]:

In the last days, one can hear many a criticism on the counter-revolutionary lumpen gang of the so-called Jugendwiderstand from within the left scene as well as from various bourgeois news outlets. The majority of this criticism is wrong and anticommunist, from such a bourgeois and anti-class perspective, that one could get the feeling of having to express solidarity with this strasserist lot. Attacking Zionist and Imperialists however, is the last thing, that can be said against the patriarchal lumpen pigs – but still, every expression of solidarity with this enemies of the revolution in a slap in the face of the international proletariat and the revolution. The Zionists, from Dittfurth to Springer, are also getting exited, saying those lumpen would worship Mao. Solely this criticism is of such reactionary nature, that one wants to reflexively come to the Right Liquidators defense. But whoever understands Mao, Lenin and Marx - be it even only snippy - knows, that groups such as the so-called Jugendwiderstand only abuse, distort Mao for their gangsterism and anticommunism, and by doing so attempt to destroy the years-long revolutionary and internationalist work full of deprivation of numerous communist combatants world wide. This displays, how their Mao-reference is worth roughly as much as when Andrea Nahles, on the 200. Birthday of Karl Marx, poses in front of his statue and claim for herself and her party the legacy of him. A wrong anticommunist critique on an anticommunist, national-chauvinist grouplet hence does not transform the latter from enemies to friends of the people.

To not leave the criticism to the Antideutschen and the state media and to stand by when this lot of lumpen attempts to give itself a revolutionary, communist and anti-State appearance, a correct criticism based on a clear class position is vital. However, as one such comprehensive cricism on one hand would exceed a simple Facebook post by far and, on the other hand, has already been made in excellent style, we can only appeal to all readers to dive into the article of the editorial staff of Klassenstandpunkt made on 26/09/2017 and confound ourselves on this occasion to some brief theses regarding the criticism regarding the gang of Right Liquidators.

1. The so-called Jugendwiderstand acts from a position of German chauvinism for the unity of the German peoples and distorts the Marxist understanding of Peoples into its opposite. It is not the revolutionary classes in Germany that should be agitated, trained and organized as combatants against the oppressors, against the state and German imperialism, but a unity based on German Identity and German patriotism is to be build. Borrowing from Strasser and national-bolshevist elements they knowingly create connecting factors for the organization of right lumpen. Direct action against symbols of German imperialism the consequently oppose as attacks on the German nation and the "German peoples" that are to be protected. Class position is substituted with a national- völkischen position.

2. JW is a misogynistic, homophone gang of patriarchal posers and an enemy of proletarian feminism. Their political practice and appearance is dominated by a patriarchal enactment of manliness. Identitarian demeanor of strong, well-build man as an end in itself and patriarchal, sexist degradation of women and men who do not fit into their fascistic image of manliness have a central, identity-establishing value for these pigs.

3. JW propagates revolutionary violence without understanding it or even remotely practicing it. Quite the opposite: The violence they practice is nothing but reactionary, lumpen-like gang criminality, which in the smallest number of cases is directed against real enemies of the revolutionary classes and mostly targets the people, for example when subcultures are misfortune to have an lifestyle disliked by this lot of lumpen. Instead of, for example, showing Hipsters from the working class the senselessness of the burgeois-individualist lifestyle and to win them for the struggle against exploitation and imperialism, this subculture is defined the enemy and targeted. Everything that is not listening to German rap [music], is not eating steroids and not doing martial arts is declared an enemy who can me targeted by their lumpen-like violence. Simply this already expressed their anticommunist and gang character. Consequently:

4. JW pledge allegiance to the flag of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao, although they contextualization nearly every revolutionary insight and act of these great thinkers of communism, rob them of their meaning and bent them for their strasserist, patriarchal, counter-revolutionary lifestyle. Consequently, these lumpen are incapable for comprehensive analyses and criticism, precisely because they have understood nothing about this and every true struggle with thesis of important communists would negate every legitimacy of the political acts and appearances of those lumpen. Their remarks on Mao and Marx hence are primarily elements to present this anticommunist gang of reactionaries and lumpen in a pseudo-identity.

5. JW argues against drugs, but poisons the youth with reactionary, lumpen-like counter-culture that its aims to bring to the masses. What the right liquidators are doing, is far behind the phrase of tailing the masses. Regardless of the level of consciousness of the masses they propagate and practice misogyny, national chauvinism and gangsterism and sell this as proletarian culture. Instead of leading and educating the proletariat, which would be the tasks of communists, this counter-revoltuinary pile attempts to rope them in with reactionary poison. Some growthshormones and a manly walk do no make you a revoluionary, and so is calling women "cunts" and targeting sections of the people. The right liquidators do not benefit emancipation, but degeneration of the proletarian masses.

Now this rotten pile has gone so far as to attack communists. The attached weblink is a very revealing presentation of the latest events. If the enemies of the international proletariat commits such cowardly assaults on communist and the revolutionary masses, this can not stand unchallenged. If those lumpen think, that the reaction has gained a victory over Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, they are in for a surprise. Do not yield an inch to the right Liquidators!