On September 8, a demonstration against the proposal of a new police law from the Lower Saxony Federal State took place in Hannover and with around 15.000 people attended. The demonstration was very broad, people from the bourgeois parties, the football fans and a big number of antifascist participated. And, despite that many of the present did not reject the imperialist system, this shows that the masses reject the growing fascist tendency of the German state.

Transparent für Ernesto Sernas Garcia auf Demonstration 1

Also, a contingent of proletarian revolutionaries was present, they sold newspapers and distributer flyers with passages from the Current of the People Red Sun stating against the disappearance of the comrade from Mexico, Ernesto García Serna. A column with the banner demanding to hand back the comrade alive marched in the antifascist block. Comrade Ernesto Serna is missing since May 10 this year, kidnapped by the Mexican old state.

The design of the new Police Law includes, among other things, the creation of electronic shackles for undefined “potential aggressors” (“dangerous state”) and the arrest of these “dangerous” people to “keep them arrested” during a maximum period of 74 days. It is a legal possibility to watch innocents and keep them in jail. Regarding the case of “dangerous people” also authorizes the “online search”, which includes the surveillance of communication, voice messages, also encrypted and similar, which will be allowed without proof. The surveillance videos of public places should increase. With this series of police laws in other federal states, the bourgeois state is taking off its democratic mask and restricting the civil liberties, one by one.

Transparent für Ernesto Sernas Garcia auf Demonstration 3

Transparent für Ernesto Sernas Garcia auf Demonstration 2

Demonstration gegen das neue Polizeigesetz in Hannover