In Bremen, the poorest city state in Germany comrades have initiate the Mayday campaign calling for the “Revolutionary, internationalist 1st of May Demonstration” organized by various organizations in the city. Under the slogan “ Struggle for liberation is international” hundreds of posters were put up, depicting scenes from the struggles of the International Communist Movement, from Mexico to France, from the Anti-G20 struggles in Hamburg to Columbia, India, Turkey, Brazil and Peru.

Mayday Bremen Mayday Bremen Mayday Bremen


In Hamburg comrades calls for a participation in the internationalist block at the trade union demonstration, that has since many years united all anti-imperialist forces in the town with the various struggles of the peoples of the world not only theoretically but very much practically manifesting a contingent of activists from various organizations from all over the globe.

Hence, comrades mobilize under the slogan “Forward to an internationalist 1st of May – Proletarians of all countries and peoples of the world unite!” Images from the poster being put up in the thousands in the streets of Hamburg include scenes from Chile, India, Brazil, France, South Africa and Palestine.

Mayday Hamburg

The call of the League against imperialist Aggression can be found in a Spanish translation at the comrades of Association New Democracy.

In Southern Germany’s City of Freiburg, comrades call for a revolutionary manifestation on the eve of the 1st of May in the Proletarian Neighborhood of Weingarten. Raising the struggle for daily demands of the proletariat and addressing the issue of the increasing rise of populist parties in Europe and abroad, the comrades also denounce the imperialist exploitation and oppression being exercised by the imperialists through means of war and plunder.

Mayday Freiburg