Again and again, we report on the situation in Afghanistan and it is more than clear that Afghanistan is not safe, neither for the occupiers and their henchmen nor for the people. That does not change the deportation practice of the FRG - they continuing to deportate diligently.

Exact figures on civilian deaths in Afghanistan are not known because the imperialists are trying to hide and cover up such incidents. The CIA has received official permission by the US-President to hide the number of civilian casualties from drone strikes this year, with 499 in 2018. The ongoing drone strikes are accomplished by bombardments, often with cluster bombs, or search and destroy operations by ground forces The victims are always the people, and unfortunately the justified resistance struggle of the Taliban is killing civilians, albeit unintentionally. The imperialists have completely destabilized the country and virtually turned it into a pure colony of US imperialism, even bourgeois sources say that Afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world, and peace will not be possible until the occupiers are driven out.

Nonetheless, the FRG classifies Afghanistan as a safe country of origin and pushes it off diligently. Accurate figures for the year 2019 are not yet published, cause deportation is a matter of the federal states and this information in the federal system of the FRG must not be centralized and the state has no interest in the publication of these numbers, quite the opposite. It is not without reason that deportations usually take place at night. Most of these deportations are enforced by the use of reactionary violence.

At the end of August, 31 people were deported from Frankfurt Airport, the 27th collective deportation since 2016. According to Spiegel Online, 679 men have been deported to Afghanistan since 2016, only 15 of them being criminal offenders under German civil law. This shows again the imperialist chauvinism of the FRG and the double standard. On the one hand to act as a benefactor and to celebrate the so-called welcome culture and on the other to secretly send people to their death so as not to let the industrial reserve army, which the bourgeoisie needs, grow too large.


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