On Saturday, June 20, fights between masses and police occurred, when hundreds of residents of of a quarantined housing complex tried to break through the barriers.

Democratic forces staged a demonstration against the "rent madness" in the university city and held an inter- rally in front of the so-called "Groner 9a", a block of high-rise buildings, to show their solidarity with the imprisoned residents. They had been put under corona quarantine shortly before, the whole complex, 700 people.

The measures taken by the city and the police were publicly denounced, which met with much approval from the residents. As a consequence, the police forces pushed off the protesters from the road. The demonstrators were asked to go further.

However, the imprisoned masses would not be intimidated by the forces of repression. More than 200 persons tried to break done the fences in front of the building. Bottles, wooden planks, metal sticks and fire works were hurled at the police forces which used huge amounts of pepper spray to fight the masses. To bring the situation under control the operation management were force to request several reinforcements. In the end more than 300 police officers were deployed. Several police personnel were injured in the clashes.

According to the “Northern German Broadcast (NDR)” the police started investigations against the masses for serious disturbance of the peace, grievous bodily injury and damage to property.

The quarantine was imposed without warning, as some residents tested positive for COVID19, people did not even have time to buy groceries. In a video published by the NDR a young man tells, that many families have no food.

The pictures from Saturday are pictures that the state does not want to see. German and migrant masses stood together and fought against the bourgeois state, for their common interests.