On November 25, the Day against Violence against Women, several hundred people gathered in Hamburg and Bremen to demonstrate against patriarchal violence in spite of the state of emergency in the FRG, which has again become more severe. This year the 25th of November is of special importance, because with the imposed state of emergency the cases of violence against women have also increased enormously. The bourgeois state, which is largely responsible for the increase in patriarchal violence, also tried to use 25th of November to its own advantage and launched a pretentious campaign in an attempt to bring the anger of women into legal channels. As the demonstrations showed, without much success:

In Hamburg, over 500 people took to the streets and marched from the Jungfernstieg to the exhibition halls. A contingent of female proletarian revolutionaries also participated in the demonstration, carrying a banner saying "Women combat and resist! Against State of Emergency and Patriarchal Violence!", thus putting the correct slogan on the agenda at this moment. The comrades' speech also denounced the state of emergency imposed by the German state and the associated burden that women in particular must bear, which generated a lot of approval. Although the so-called hygiene requirements were not adhered to and the number of participants was significantly exceeded, the police did not dare to attack the demonstration.


Also in Bremen about 600 people gathered on the occasion of 25th of November and marched through the city center - more than ever before on the day against violence against women. This shows the importance of 25th of November especially this year and that the masses do not let this day be taken away from them. Here, too, female proletarian revolutionaries took part with a high banner, giving by the slogan the right line to lead this struggle.


What became clear again on the 25th of November was that there is a will to resist patriarchal violence and that the state of emergency has only added fuel to this. Trust in the state and its measures continues to decline. But it is also obvious that a correct line must be enforced in the women's movement. A line that makes clear that patriarchy can only be swept from the face of the earth with the abolition of private property, i.e. with the smashing of the imperialist system.