The yearly march in commemoration of the Martyrdom of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany, the eagles Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht, united for ever with that of Lenin, is normally a quite dull affair. The countless political groups line up their forces and measures their relative strength. One have to be somewhat creative to spice up the show. The most exciting thing normally is the obligatory police-assault on the folks carrying symbols of the Kurdish nationalist movement. This year the German State decided to shuffle the deck. In this “modern times” an unprecedented attack on the demonstration, a full-blown assault was launched. The offspring of the Freikorps murderers, then as well as today under a Social-Democratic government, released their rampant fascist rage on the ones honoring the leaders of the working class. Result: more than 30 demonstrators detained, some whereabouts in this very moment are still unknown, several comrades in hospital with severe fractures, fighters tortured in the hands of the goons of the imperialist, children of the working class threatened to death by the Übermenschen. Why? Because they fought back, they hit back and the stood their ground. Cause that´s what the Reds do.

State of Emergency? Fuck you!

Police violence? Fuck you!

Assault, manhandling, torture, detention and death threats? Fuck you!

Imperialist Pigs you will reap what you sow!

With interest.


The children of the working class in this country, shoulder by shoulder with the Partisans of the Peoples War in Turkey, together with the fighters of the North and in a united front with the revolutionary movement in the FRG. When we wipe away the blood from our faces, we can truly say, it was a beautiful day.

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