In Baden-Württemberg  there will soon be state elections and as always, bourgeois parties will use this occasion to drown us with their election propaganda. They try to sell themselves with junk devoid of any content or just appeal that people have to vote in order to change something.

„For people and country“ „Vote change“, humbug, sometimes their posters are so meaningless, they don‘t even bother making some empty promise. Nice, some have decided to go for an LSD-look, so we know how hip and down to earth they are.
Gentrifiers promise lower rents, warmongers speak of climate protection, it does not matter who you vote for, as long as you please, pretty please vote, then everything will improve.
You can feel the desperate effort to mobilize masses for the election hanging in the air. The satirical party diePARTEI fulfills its role of loosening things up with "funny" posters very well. Moderately humorous posters may make you smile now and then on your way to work, but a vote for them is ultimately still a vote for the state.
No wonder the masses don't want any of this, and the working-class neighborhoods are full of dreary, partially or completely destroyed election posters.
How can one still have any illusions that the bourgeois state will somehow, do anything because it would be in our interests? How can one not break the posters when passing by?