At February 19 was the first anniversary of the Hanau attack. In all parts of the FRGtook placecommemoration events. So is was in Wuppertal as well. A combative demonstration with over 300 people moved through Wuppertal-Barmen. The event was organized by an alliance of revolutionary and progressive forces, for example the Karawane which fight for justice in case of murder of Oury Jalloh.

In other cities demonstration were organized for the victims too, for example in Bochum, Essen, Duisburg. In case of the commemoration dayin Essen-Altendorf paintings could be seen in meeting the place of manifestation which denounced the murders of Adel B. and Mikael Haile. Both were shot down from the police in Essen.


Malung Adel B


Wuppertal-Barmen is a working class neighbor hood, like many others which often is target of police raids in the “War on Clans”. This was the reason for the alliance to decide for the demonstration to take place in this quarter. Proletarian revolutionaries were a part of the demonstration and distributed propaganda.


Malung Miakel Haile


In the speeches not only the victims of Hanau were remembered, but also the cause for this kind of chauvinism was denounced. It was highlighted that chauvinism is a necessary part of imperialism. This is importedfordividing the masses in “migrants” and “Germans” and the oppression the working class in the belly of imperialism. On the other hand this chauvinism is important to justify the occupation, oppression and exploitation of the countries in the third world.