In Delmenhorst, a 19-year-old collapsed after being arrested by the police and died in hospital a day later.
On Friday, March 5th, two young men were approached by plainclothes police in Delmenhorst, Lower Saxony, because they were alleged to have consumed drugs. When the civil police identified themselves as such, the 19-year-old Qosay Sadam Khalaf fled, but was arrested after a few meters. He is said to have hit a police officer in the head. He was only overwhelmed by the addition of a second patrol car. The police claim he then refused medical help from the paramedics. This point is debatable. The other arrested man said that the paramedics accused the 19-year-old of acting.
Qosay Sadam Khalaf
In the wool park and the surrounding district in which this incident took place, people doubt these representations. There are complaints about unreasonable controls. And also about police violence.
“Friends of Qosay Sadam Khalaf believe that he was beaten up in the police cell. And not without reason. Several young people reported that this can happen. "
"As we all know in Delmenhorster, the police do the following with the young people who oppose the police, they take them to the guard, lock them in a cell and hit five, six or seven."
The Neigbhourhooed of the Wollepark in Delmenhorst
Even the fact that the deceased's family has a second independent autopsy carried out does not speak for trust in the “constitutional state”. As the case of Oury Jalloh shows, the police lie and autopsy reports cannot always be trusted.
For "reasons of neutrality", the Oldenburg police are now commissioned to investigate the case. Not to trust the representations of the police is not particularly absurd, if you look at all the other cases of violence against migrants in custody. One of the most famous cases is probably the case of Oury Jalloh or Ahmad A. both exiles in police custody and the state blocks the investigation into both cases again and again. It is just not an "accident". Racist police violence is an integral part of imperialism. The violence directed against our class hits “migrants” above all, as they experience harsher exploitation and oppression through the imperialist chauvinism they suffer here.

The Oldenburg Police President, Johann Kühne, describes the allegations that there is police violence in custody as "absurd" and "infamous" and instead claims: "A tragic accident should not be used to spread" hatred and agitation "against officials." Without this police measure, Qousay would most likely still be alive. Some people from Delmenhorst see it that way, and that's how the murder of Qosay was denounced in the district. As reported by TAZ, his name was painted on the walls of the building in Delmenhorst and the cops were responsible for his death.