"All men are equal before the law," asserts the constitution of the FRG. But apparently members of the Bundeswehr's Special Forces Command (KSK) are more equal.


After it became known that this unit was missing several tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition and that weapons and ammunition were repeatedly found among right-wing soldiers, the commanding general Kreitmayr made his people an outrageous offer. The soldiers could simply hand in stolen ammunition anonymously and thus without punishment in collection boxes. In the end, more than 37,000 rounds of ammunition and two hand grenades were collected there. The 62 kilos of explosives that are also missing may therefore still be stored in some Nazi bunkers.


KSK Naziparty

Earlier scandal: This is how the KSK celebrated in Calw in 2017


The whole incident proves once again the survival of stay-behind strategies and the existence of structures that ensure the continued existence of the German state as a bourgeois repressive apparatus, regardless of its democratic façade. As early as the Cold War era, U.S. intelligence, in cooperation with European states, armed irregular troops for the "fight against communism" in the event of war or crisis. In the FRG, the Stay-Behind force was led by former Wehrmacht officer Walter Kopp. Completely fascist, Kopp continued to feel committed to the "fight against the black race," the "fight against communism and Bolshevism," and the "protection of Europe." Depots were set up throughout Germany with weapons explosives, radio and Morse equipment, and supplies. Today we have a military that attracts right-wing extremists and only through public pressure deals with the fact that they are hoarding weapons and ammunition. And as a consequence, of course, they can expect amnesty. Kreitmayr is also still in office. If that is not a clear signal to all uniformed and armed fighters for "Germanness" out there.