On Saturday night, 6th of March residents of the district Freiburg Haslach met in a bar to play cards. Because of this, the cops rammed down the door and controlled everybody that was present. To this end, tents and a spotlight as high as the roof were put up. The cops were so heavily armed and masked, the residenst fisrt thought special forces were deployed, which the police denied afterwards.

Officially a violation of the „corona measures“ wasn’t the reason for this large scale operation, but rather illegal gambling. Whether this is true is unclear but the evidence doesn‘t point in this direction. The evidence collected at the scene includes: play tables, cards and some jetons. No money was confiscated, no signs of organized crime. A ram and machine guns against 29 people who were fed up of the isolation and the measures of the state which only restrict our free time. 29 People who finally wanted to spend an evening together with drink and games. Here in Baden-Württemberg, cases are accumultating in which the state terrorizes the masses under suspicion of „corona violations“. Whether like here in the bar or through the front door of our homes, one prussian neighbor is enough reason to break in a door.
The fact, that the state applies more and more excessive force and harassment against the people is not by chance. The bourgoisie knows exactely, that class contradictions are rising in the FRG. This is why they’ve begun to intimidate us in hopes to suppress future rebellion.