In May 2018, there was a raid on the state's initial reception facility ("refugee home") in Ellwangen near Stuttgart. Now one of the victims is suing the police for their actions.

Three days after a failed deportation, the cops entered the refugee home at night without announcing themselves as such and without a search warrant. This deportation failed because the residents of the home correctly resisted the terror of the German state at the time. During the subsequent raid, the plaintiff, a 31-year-old from Cameroon, was forcibly taken to the floor in his room and tied up. In addition, he was deprived of his cell phone, which he had used to document the raid. He was then deported to Italy.
The truth is of no use to the German state. The officials claim that such an attack is "common" and "necessary for self-protection". The fact that the man's cell phone was taken from him was denied by the two witnesses, both police officers, organized in the same state-affiliated armed gang as the defendants and, of course, complicit in trespassing into the home, which is officially considered a dwelling. I wonder if they could be impartial?

Now court hearings have occurred, accompanied by a "Black lives matter" protest, in which the plaintiff has also participated. Currently, the outcome of the trial is still unclear, but as usual, it is expected that the perpetrators will get off scot-free.