On 18.03. the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, a rally in solidarity with Pablo Hasél took place in Berlin.

The Spanish rapper Pablo Hasél is currently charged and arrested, as has already been reported. The LCP produced a solidarity video. Hip-Hop Artists also participated in the demonstration, including short performances to show their solidarity. Communist revolutionaries, in addition to showing solidarity with Pablo Hasél, all political prisoners and revolutionary prisoners of war, also upheld the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune.

Pablo Hasél Kundgebung Berlin

18.03.21 Berlin Kundgebung

pablo Hasél Kundgebung Berlin 2

In addition, we also show a picture of a grafitti, which was sent to us, from working class district Berlin Neukölln, which appeared on the same night:

Malung Berlin 150Jahre Pariser Kommune