Last weekend in Karlsruhe, the police again took action against several "corona offenders".

Here, the cops are said to have been insulted without exception, with a considerable number of the "offenders" being able to retreat. Now the police don't like it when their authority is questioned, but how could it be otherwise? The German state has failed grandiosely to protect us from COVID-19 infections and we are now supposed to completely socially mutilate ourselves for more than a year, while again it doesn't matter if we squeeze between strangers in crowded public transport. If the health care system would not be so obviously underfunded and we would be vaccinated, there would be maybe a few more people who would not have lost the trust in the bourgeois state yet. But if the pandemic were completely under control, the state would also lack scapegoats for the damage done by the economic crisis.

Either way, the German state can only lose and it is the most normal thing in the world to hate it and especially its armed henchmen. It is also normal and right to rebel against these conditions. It is not the fault of the parents, it is not the fault of the young people, it is only this state that is completely incapable of fighting a virus. And now we are supposed to pay for it?

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