In the following we publish pictures from a manifestation in Hamburg, which were sent to us:

Last Friday (June 5), a manifestation in solidarity with the mass struggles in Colombia was held by the Alliance Against Imperialist Aggressio







In Columbia, there have been militant protests for weeks, triggered by the government's tax reform, as well as the planned privatization of the health care system during the pandemic. At the end of April, the national strike was called, in which workers, youth from working-class neighborhoods, peasants and students took to the streets, expressing their rejection of Duque's government and of the ruling system. They held popular meetings and protest marches, building street barricades. The protesters forced the government to withdraw these laws that were intended to plunge the people deeper into poverty and oppression. The Colombian people are paying a high price for their right rebellion: not only were there a thousand injured, around a hundred demonstrators were murdered in cold blood by the reaction.

Therefore, during the manifestation the following slogans were shouted: Long live the great uprising of the Columbian people! The spilled blood will be avenged, honor and glory to the Colombian masses! People on the streets of Hamburg spontaneously showed solidarity with the action, greeted the slogans with raised fists, and joyfully accepted the distributed leaflets.

In Colombia, as everywhere else in the world, the proletarian revolution is and remains the order of the day and the peoples of the world are advancing towards their bright future.