Last Saturday, June 12, a man was stabbed in Freiburg by the reactionary Robert Hagermann. Robert Hagermann is 39 years old and known as a member of the "Alternative for Germany" (AfD). Even within the party, he is one of the most reactionary elements and maintains a close relationship with fascist Dubravko Mandic.

Together with him, he also ran for the municipal council in 2019. Hagermann also regularly participates in the marches and motorcades of ,,Querdenken".
Hagermann is best known for regularly filming and photographing left-wing activists. In the summer of 2019, Hagermann was also involved in an attack on leftists together with Freiburg city councilor Mandic, hitting an anti-fascist on the head with a pair of pliers.

On June 12, Hagermann was recognized by 2 antifa activists by chance on the street. The antifascists confronted him verbally, whereupon he pulled out a pepper spray and attacked them with it. A 61-year-old man who saw this got out of his car, took care of the injured antifascists and stood in Hagermann's way when he wanted to attack them again. When he asked indignantly why Hagermann attacked young people with pepper spray, Hagermann pulled out a knife with which he stabbed the 61-year-old shortly afterwards. The hurt man had to be cared for thereupon by an emergency physician and be brought in the hospital. His younger female passenger had to be likewise medically supplied, since Hagermann attacked and hurt her likewise with pepper spray.

What sticks out in this whole story however, is the following behavior of the police. They released Hagermann shortly after the attack and presented the whole situation in their press release as if Hagermann had been attacked and had only defended himself with the knife. The very next day, Hagermann was seen linger in front of the apartment of one of the involved antifascists together with Mandic after his release. But of course, according to the police, Hagermann is the innocent victim.
Officially, the cops are still investigating in all directions, but unofficially it is already clear to everyone that their sympathy is clearly with the reactionary and that consequently no justice can be expected from them. In the meantime, the German state is acting wih full force against progressive forces and, for example, imprisoned the antifascist Lina from Leipzig because she is accused of having been involved in an altercation with fascists.

The increasing reactionarization and more and more open violence against the masses and progressive forces is by no means coming from crazy lone perpetrators, which is also shown by the police backing for Hagermann's knife attack. But hardly anyone is really surprised anymore. This state is just there to maintain the existing conditions, by all means.
For us revolutionaries and anti-fascists, it is therefore necessary to forge ourselves more in revolutionary violence and to fight back.