Last week in Bremen two actions in solidarity with the uprising of the Colombian people took place.


A bicycle demonstration was organized on Sunday June 27th. From the main train station, the demonstration drove through the city center through the Steintorviertel to Werdersee, with manifestations taking place at different prominent places in the city. Solidarity with the uprising was expressed with banners, signs, speeches, music and dance. The role of the German state was also emphasized after it came out that thousands of German weapons were illegally exported to Colombia, which are now used against the Colombian masses.




On Thursday, June 24th, a manifestation in solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of Latin America in general was held on the Bremen market square, with Colombia being of extraordinary importance. Proletarian revolutionaries also took part in both actions.



The actions are an expression of the fact that the struggles that are waged in the oppressed nations, as well as the strong repression they experience by the reactionary states, also meet with echoes in the imperialist hinterland. Here in Germany, too, people take to the streets in Bremen and in several other cities and raise their voices for the Colombian people and their great uprising.