Winfried Kretschmann (Green Party, Minister President of Baden-Württemberg) wants basic rights to be more easily restricted in the future in order to be able to counteract a pandemic at an early stage. At least that is the official version.

The fact that there is no talk of improving the health care system or organizing the economy in such a way that it could be shut down briefly in the event of a pandemic, but only of giving the executive more power to increase repression against the people reveals the class nature of this initiative.

In Kretschmann's words, "My thesis is that if we can take early measures against the pandemic that are very harsh and possibly not proportionate to the citizens at this point, then we could quickly bring a pandemic to its knees." Even the bourgeois parties SPD, FDP and CDU criticize this sharply, some say Kretschmann has no respect for the constitution, the Green Party is a "prohibition party." More concretely, the candidate for chancellor, Annalena Baerbock (Greens), was demanded to clarify her position, it can not be that the Greens seem to "[...]dream of a permanent state of emergency of the executive[...]" and that the candidate "[...]must decisively and publicly confront these temptations of authoritarianism in their own party."
Annalena Baerbock did not comment on this, but it was necessary for Winfried Kretschmann to apologize in order to do damage control. In the face of the uproar against this deeply reactionary move, Kretschmann is trying to portray this as a misunderstanding, which he regrets. Again in his words: "In the constitutional state, the principle of proportionality applies - and always and without restriction. I would never question this central principle of our constitution. I am all the more annoyed that my statements have apparently created this impression." He doesn't adress that he just completely contradicts his earlier statement. Rather he tries to belittle his proposal and talks it down. The fact that even bourgeois parties try to stop the black machinations of the Greens illustrates once again who is one of the main forces behind the increasing reactionarization and fascist tendency of the German state.

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