Now that the fear of infection with COVID-19 is justifiably very low and people have not been able to meet for a long time to celebrate, larger groups have gatheredt at two points in the city to do just that.

The square of the old synagogue is a traditional meeting place, where on weekends people traditionally sit down and drink together. The only Späti that exists in the city is also one - usually smaller - only the city leads an offensive against such spaces. The Späti was closed by now because of alleged disturbances of the peace. So on its last weekend several hundred people gathered there to celebrate the farewell of the beloved Späti with masks and music boxes they had brought with them.

After the police at the square of the old synagogue massively harassed those present, themasses resisted and there were some cases where glass bottles were thrown at the officers. Three cops were slightly injured. The square was then cleared and an uninvolved person, who himself was also hit by shards of glass, was overpowered by these "friends and helpers", brought to the ground, tied up, then sprayed with pepper spray, kicked and beaten. Later in the prisoner transport, the crazed officers allegedly further tortured him with punches and tighter restraints. The victim suffered a concussion in the process.
At the Späti, the party was defended with barricades made of construction fences. The cops surrounded the event from two sides, leaving the small side streets open. A helicopter was also used to spotlight individual partygoers. The police did not dare to launch a major attack here, and so the event continued well into the morning hours.

The Späti now no longer exists and the city has "on a trial basis" issued a ban on glass bottles in the evenings on weekends over the square of the old synagogue. Not only should this measure serve to disarm and displace the masses, but it gives the cops an additional reason to roam the square in the evening and harass the people, the ban has to be controlled after all.

The police and the city celebrate this ban as a victory, as there are fewer complaints about disturbance of the peace/dirt in the square. The crowds still find themselves, in close proximity.They can't kick us out of our cities, no matter what measures they take.