In the following we want to publish an appeal for the next Saturday the 28.08.2021 in Dusseldorf taking place assembly law stop demo. This was sent to us with a picture.

Defend fought rights! - Stop the assembly law!

The state of NRW is planning a new assembly law. The law will restrict a large part of the democratic right to assemble in order to better prevent militant protests. With a catalog of measures that can be applied arbitrarily to all kinds of situations, the cops will get the opportunity to ban any demonstration at will. One such measure is the introduction of the "military ban". This paragraph ensures that one can expect repression simply by wearing the same clothes at demonstrations. But the planning of demonstrations is also to be made more difficult. Applicants are to be named with clear names on calls and posters. Demonstration organizers are to be reported to the cops in advance with their names and addresses. The cops will then be able to determine the "reliability" of the organizers.
This law targets the revolutionary movement and the struggle of the working class for its rights. In the midst of imperialism's current crisis of overproduction, which is far from having reached its climax, the reactionary German state is trying by all means to suppress the emerging struggles. For this purpose, it is using its police at the present moment, which it is equipping with ever new powers for this purpose. This development cannot be separated from the developing economic crisis, which leads to more and more discontent among the population and expresses itself in new struggles. With this law, the state wants to be able to take tougher action against these struggles. The power in the state is shifting more and more from the legislative to the executive organs and also in this case the cops are given every possibility to decide. This is nothing else than a further strengthening of the fascist tendency in the FRG.
On June 26, a first large demonstration already took place in Düsseldorf against the planned assembly law. The brutal attack and repressive measures that the demonstrators there experienced at the hands of the cops are a good example of how the German state breaks its own laws. With the violence and mass surveillance of demonstrators, the state has pre-empted the planned law. The law on assemblies ensures that such attacks are facilitated by a legal basis. The brutality of the cops even went so far that one of the demonstrators was dragged into an underground garage by four cops and beaten up by them there. There were over a hundred injured.

But no matter what guns the reaction brings up, in the end they will lose, because with their violence the hatred for this rotten system, imperialism, will grow and will only lead to even bigger fights.

Come to Düsseldorf on August 28th for the second big demonstration against the new assembly law in NRW and join the anti-capitalist-internationalist block!

Join the anti-capitalist-internationalist block!

28.08. - 13:00 clock Rhine Park Düsseldorf at the Rheinterrassen

Fight and defend yourselves against the law of assembly!

In the following we want to point to a mobilization video of the anti-capitalist-internationalist block.