The prospective "traffic light" coalition partners (Greens, Social-Democrats and Liberals) are planning to phase out the epidemic state of emergency. This would mean that curfews like the one last year can no longer be introduced without further ado. While measures are being introduced that make it more and more difficult for unvaccinated people to do anything, it is clear that the prospective governing parties at least want to avoid another lockdown at all costs. They understand that a large portion of the population will not be readily willing to be locked down. After various government forces repeatedly affirmed that there will be no further lockdown, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to continue justifying such measures.

At the same time, however, more and more voices are being raised calling for a continuation and normalisation of the imposed state of emergency.

The green-black state government in Baden-Württemberg is already thinking one step ahead and is seeking to introduce a permanent legal basis for curfews.

Last year, the government had already banned the masses from leaving their homes after a certain time, imposed contact restrictions and alcohol bans. The fact that these measures are completely unsuitable for combating a pandemic, when people have to get to work every morning on overcrowded buses and trains and it is often impossible to comply with the necessary safety measures at work, was denounced even then by a wide variety of forces.

Instead, these measures are aimed at making the necessary acts of rebellion an impossibility in the face of the current crisis of overproduction and the general crisis of imperialism.

In the past year, there have been several spontaneous outbreaks of rebellion in various German cities, in which young people in particular have resisted the ongoing harassment to which they have always been subjected by the police. This everyday harassment often became much more acute in the context of the state of emergency, and of course the police used their new powers to intensify terror against the masses.

The big fights against this, in almost all cases occurred later in the evening and went hand in hand with large gatherings of people partying.

If even leaving one's home for an evening stroll is punishable, this naturally extremely limits the collective ability to act and the potential to resist.

They still have not managed to get a grip on the pandemic, and measures that actually make sense are still not being implemented. Under a pretext justified by their own incompetence, they aim to give the state of emergency a permanent legal basis and thus make it more and more the norm.

On the other hand, it is also clear that the masses will not simply accept this state of affairs. No curfew will be able to stop the necessary course of events.