On 19 February 2022, as in many other cities of the FRG, a demonstration took place in Bremen-Huckelriede in commemoration of the assassination in Hanau, where 9 people were murdered by a fascist, which was now the second anniversary. The 1000 participants of the demonstration, which went through the Neustadt district to the city centre, had a militant attitude, denouncing the involvement and role of the state in racist murders like the one in Hanau. The "Rote Kollektiv Bremen" also participated with a banner reading "Hanau was not an isolated case! Fight fascism - smash FRG!" and leaflets under the same slogan.

Hanau in Bremen am 19022022 1

It was also made quite clear by the participants with slogans like "The true face of their democracy- mass murderers, that's what they are!" and "BRD bull state, we're sick of puking you!" that imperialist chauvinism is a problem that will only be solved by smashing imperialism and also that the police and other state institutions are riddled with Nazis. Therefore, it was no coincidence that the cops sabotaged the demonstration several times by interrupting the speeches under the pretext of protection against infection.