At the Munich Security Conference last weekend, Federal Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) declared her intention to increase the FRG's military expenditure. Thus she said: "We will continuously increase this defence expenditure as well."

Already in the coalition agreement of the "Ampel" government, it is written down what German imperialism intends to do in the future. Thus, on page 144 in the section "Foreign Affairs, Security, Defence, Development, Human Rights" it states:

"We want Germany to invest three percent of its gross domestic product in international action in the long term in the sense of a networked and inclusive approach, thus strengthening its diplomacy and its development policy and fulfilling the commitments it made in NATO. We want to achieve the goals of the Foreign Service Act."

In terms of last year's gross domestic product, three per cent would mean about 107 billion euros that will be eligible for foreign and defence policy in the future. It is still unclear exactly how the allocation will be, but the minimum target for the military is two per cent, to which the FRG has committed itself in NATO. This means that at least 71 billion euros will flow into the defence budget in future. By comparison, last year's expenditure was just under 47 billion.

Even if it is not clear exactly how much German imperialism will ultimately spend on its armed forces, it is clear that in future considerably more money will flow into German war. This confirms that the inter-imperialist contradiction, which is one of the main contradictions on the world level, is becoming more acute. The tendency between the imperialists is going further and further towards changes in the balance of power, towards a redivision, and this means war. German imperialism, which aspires to become an imperialist superpower, is preparing for this.