In view of the imperialist war in Ukraine, a large number of protests took place in Essen.  These were directed in against the aggression of the Russian imperialism, in most cases it was swept under the carpet that this war is the result of the inter-imperialist conflict of interests. On one side stands Yankee imperialism together with French, German and British imperialism with the aim of crushing Russian imperialism. On the other side stands Russian imperialism fighting for its semi-colony.


At an access road to the district of Altendorf in Essen, proletarian revolutionaries have, for this reason, painted a sign with the slogan "Down with all imperialists! Long live the friendship of the peoples!". The imperialist war in Ukraine is carried out on the backs of the Ukrainian and Russian people and serves only the enforcement of the interests of Russian imperialism. Both peoples have to expect from this war only more exploitation and oppression.


Waffenruhe Aktion


Last Saturday, February 26, various revolutionary forces carried out a militant demonstration against the imperialist attack on Ukraine through the city center of Essen. The demonstration, unlike many other demonstrations, did not trot after one side of the imperialist powers involved, but took the side of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia. In the different speeches was among others the militarization of German imperialism and its armament for military enforcement of its interests.


Waffenruhe Demonstration