The International Women's Struggle Day took place in the midst of the events of the imperialist war of aggression in Ukraine, this is also reflected in the activities of the revolutionaries in the Ruhr area.

Around March 8, proletarian revolutionaries developed several activities. Among others, we received photos of several paintings that were made in the working-class district of Altendorf in Essen.

8 März 2022 Malung


On March 8 itself, rallies and demonstrations took place throughout the Ruhr region. A large part of these were strike demonstrations by Ver.di. The union called for a strike on March 8 as part of collective bargaining in the social and educational services. 200 workers from daycare centers, the open all-day or the home enterprises joined the demonstration. The majority of the strikers only reported to the strike registration and disappeared. At the edge of the strike demonstration in the Essener pedestrian precinct a banner with the slogan was hung up: "100 billion. for education, not for war", which was taken up by many Strikenden and passers-by with probably want. Several participants started to discuss the war in Ukraine and the rearmament of German imperialism.

8 März 2022 Banner


At the final strike rally at the central Kennedy Square, it again became more than clear that the mass of workers want to fight but the union leadership is not ready for it. In the speeches of the high officials of the DGB it became clear how little confidence they have in the struggles of the workers. The low willingness to fight and the soporific speeches of the union leadership show their effect also in the fact that many of the strikers only report to the strike meeting and do not participate in their activities.

In Duisburg, about 200 demonstrators gathered in the evening on the outskirts of the city center. At the starting point, a play about the situation of workers in hospitals was played. The play denounced that the workload of the nurses continues to increase in order to get more profit out of them. That under the greed for profit of the entrepreneurs the employees and the patients suffer and only the fight against exploitation helps was the core message of the play. Both in the social and educational service, as well as in the nursing work to a very large proportion of women.

8 März 2022 Theaterstück

Before the demonstration started, proletarian revolutionaries distributed at the starting point the statement of the Red Women's Committee FRG on the Ukrainian war. During the whole time slogans were chanted and several times pyrotechnics were ignited. The demonstration moved militantly through the Duisburg city center and ended again at the starting point.

8 März 2022 Demo