Since the decision of the 100 billion special fund and the general increase of the defence budget to, according to gangster chancellor Olaf Scholz, "over 2 percent" of GDP, the German armed forces have a lot of money at their disposal to increase their attack capacities. Now the FRG wants to buy up to 35 F-35 fighter jets from the Yankee defence contractor Lockheed Martin.

The German state media, from the Tagesschau, are fawning over the F-35 jets as follows: "The F-35 is considered the most modern fighter aircraft in the world. Because of its special shape and external coating, the aircraft is difficult for enemy radar to detect. It can reach a top speed of Mach 1.6, i.e. 1.6 times the speed of sound or almost 2000 kilometres per hour. But critics complain, for example, that the high-tech systems may be prone to errors. As a multi-role combat aircraft, the F-35 can be equipped with a wide variety of on-board weapons and can also carry nuclear bombs."

However, the plans to upgrade the Bundeswehr's air fleet are by no means new, as it is portrayed. In the article "New weapons for the german army", which we published here on our website on 15 January 2022, we wrote: "The new Federal Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has two new plans for the Bundeswehr. First, she plans to buy new F-18 fighter jets from the United States for the Bundeswehr's Tornado fleet. She said she had already discussed this project with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and that several review commissions had been initiated, which are now to finally examine alternatives as to how the German army's air fleet can best be strengthened."

The plans have not only existed since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The German imperialists only used this war to push through their own interests, i.e. to justify massively arming the Bundeswehr and multiplying its military strength. The special funds now also make the better F-35 jets possible and so the German imperialists naturally grab them. It is estimated that the German state is spending at least 4 billion on the planes, while there is no money for the problems of the workers and the people, who are suffering from immense price increases.