A recent survey by the bourgeois Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research for the state-run media broadcaster SWR confirms the crisis of parliamentarism in the FRG. The statement "We live in a sham democracy in which citizens have no say" was agreed to by 31% of respondents, and by as many as 45% in eastern Germany.

28% of respondents also said that a radical break with this system is necessary: "I am firmly convinced that our society is heading inexorably toward a major crisis. We cannot solve these problems with the current political options. We can only do so if we fundamentally change our political system."

Of course, a wide variety of ideologies gather behind these statements, but they show the increasing alienation of the masses from imperialism. Attitudes that the communists must take up and bundle under the strategy of boycotting the elections. It is necessary to raise the consciousness of the masses about this rotten system, instead of lowering it, as the revisionists do.