Easter marches took place in several cities in NRW last weekend, including Dortmund, Cologne and many cities in the Ruhr region. A broad spectrum of democratic and progressive forces mobilized in the various cities with participant numbers in the four-digit range in some cases, such as in Düsseldorf. The question of the imperialist aggression of Russian imperialism was omnipresent and the haggling of the different imperialist powers with this situation was denounced in many speeches.

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Already in the run-up the bourgeois politicians of different parties agitated against the activities and the justified denunciation of war weapon deliveries and a possible participation of German imperialism as a direct war party. Thus, among other things, attempts were made to delegitimize the protests during the traditional Easter marches, which were supported by broad sections of society, and to portray them as being in line with Russian imperialism. The German bourgeoisie, which did not wish for this war at the current moment, is now at least trying to make something out of the situation and proclaims in chauvinist style that "Germany is finally rearming and becoming a force again". Of course, the Easter marches don't really fit into the picture.

Proletarian revolutionaries participated under the slogan: "Down with the imperialist war! - Long live the friendship of the peoples!" in four cities in the organized rallies and demonstrations and distributed extensively hundreds of leaflets and dozens of Red Post. In the conversations with other participants there was a lot of discussion about the question of the actions of German imperialism and often unanimity was found that the Bundeswehr should not get a penny or a man, because it is an army in the service of German imperialism to enforce its interests.

Even if the majority openly opposes the imperialist wars it became clear that some eternal opportunists and revisionists of course could not refrain from spreading their Nachtrab politics behind one or the other imperialist power. Partly with great determination, however, these attempts were quickly put to an end, as for example in Düsseldorf, where some reactionaries came to the demonstration with a Nato flag and claimed that Nato was, after all, securing peace in Europe. Here quickly mobilized a part of the demonstration participants, who drove these provocateurs under "NATO out" shouts from the final rally. They tried to snatch the flag from them and only through police protection they could leave the demonstration.