On 06/18 this year marked the third anniversary of the murder of the worker Adel B. from Altendorf. For this reason, a youth football tournament was organized in his honor by the Justice for Adel initiative on Ehrenzeller Platz, one of the central places in the district and not far from Adel's former home. Altendorf is characterized by poverty and migration. The police patrol here a lot and harass the population to a great extent. Again and again there are racist attacks and controls by the police. In 2019, this violence culminated in the murder of the German-Algerian worker Adel B.


Over the course of the day, over 50 children, young people and their parents gathered at over 30 degrees to commemorate Adel. Almost 30 of them played football in his memory as youth football coaches. Throughout the afternoon they played in teams against each other for victory. At the end, the trophy was handed over to the winning team by Adel's sister. The situation in Altendorf was discussed with the parents present and the lack of employment opportunities for children. A local resident said: "It's a shame that something like the murder of Adel has to happen before people deal with the children.". During the conversations it became clear that the parents are not only interested in employment for their children, but that they also want to commemorate Adel as he was. One youth said that it is very important to his mother that he takes part in the tournament because she is deeply touched by Adel's story. The tournament showed that this district needs more offers for children and young people. It becomes obvious that the state in the form of the city resists giving them.


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As part of the mobilization for the football game, it became clear again and again how present the question of Adel's murder is. In conversations with the people in the district when distributing leaflets, almost everyone knew who the nobility was and that they had been murdered. Many small shop operators happily hung the poster in their shop window or in front of their shop. Again and again people from Altendorf said they knew him and what he was like. In preparation for the tournament, a banner for the tournament was painted with children on Ehrenzeller Platz in the days before and the children played soccer. There was a lot of talk with the children about the police and the children already knew that they are not there to protect the masses, but are there to suppress the masses. This was also reflected on the day of the tournament. The police capitulated and withdrew. In the past few years, there has been an immense police presence and attacks on demonstrations on the occasion of the commemoration activities. This year, the police withdrew almost completely, but could not resist driving around Ehrenzeller Platz every 30 minutes to see what was going on. The children and parents present then kept making fun of the police and taunting them for their fear of the crowds and saying they should go away.


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Adel was shot dead by police in the hallway of his home in 2019. The police quickly spread the lie that Adel had attacked her with a knife. A video from a neighbor disproved this lie. To further justify the murder, it was claimed that he wanted to kill his family. After conflicting statements from the officers deployed, the police again claimed that Adel attacked them.
In the press, politicians and the police, Adel is repeatedly portrayed as a junky, psychopath or unpredictable person. His psychological problems, which occurred shortly before his death and the drug consumption associated with them, are used to paint him in the blackest colors. It should be prevented that one shows solidarity with him. The murder of nobility is to be justified with it. However, for most of his life he was a youth soccer coach, a laborer, a beloved son and brother, as well as a loving family man.
Adel sought help for his mental health issues and drug use. He was rejected again and again. A judge ordered him to be released from the clinic because he posed no danger to himself or others. Because of this, he took a knife and threatened the police to kill himself. At dawn on June 18, he left the house and walked through the neighborhood. On the main street of the district he met the officers who surrounded him and threatened him with guns. Adel fought a long battle of words with the officials and meanwhile lay the mess