On June 19, a rally was also held in Freiburg on the occasion of the Day of Heroism. Revolutionaries gathered in the working-class district of Weingarten under the slogan "Long live the fallen heroes! Long live the revolution!".

First, a speech of the Internationalist Collective of Freiburg was held there. The speech dealt with the people's war in Peru and denounced the genocidal policies of the Peruvian state and in particular the APRA government elected in the mid-1980s, which is responsible for the mass murder of revolutionary prisoners of war committed in 1986. In particular, it upheld the determination of the revolutionaries who fought resolutely for the people's cause even in the most desperate conditions, and thus were able to win a great victory over reaction.


The speaker also referred to the struggles of the masses, which are gaining more and more strength all over the world, and how reaction is lashing out more and more desperately in the face of this. It was also stated that the revolution will not be drowned in blood, but will be increasingly fueled by the excessive terror applied by the rulers.

Afterwards, the poem "For a dish of lentils" was recited, written by one of the murdered revolutionary prisoners.

Lastly, a comrade gave a speech against the passing on of the war costs to the working class. The Rote Post was sold on the sidelines of the rally, and conversations with passersby kept developing, some of whom also expressed a clear anti-militarist position.



The rally participants shouted slogans such as " Up the international solidarity!" and "Class against class! War against war! - Fight capital until peace prevails!".