Violence, harassment and even murders by the German police are unfortunately not uncommon. Regularly it comes to situations, in which the so-called guardians of order exercise terror against the people.

So it was last Wednesday, August 3, in Cologne, Ostenheim.

The cops were at Louzef B.'s apartment that day to violently enforce an eviction and put the man on the street. According to the public prosecutor's office, Louzef had a mental crisis and at another time had announced his intention to commit suicide, from which he was then forcibly prevented by the arriving police. Before he was finally killed by the cops, he also announced that he would not simply let himself be put on the street without resistance.

In other words, the cops knew very well what situation the man was in. Nevertheless, they decided to use violence to enforce the eviction. Then, when the police were in his apartment, Louzef pulled out a knife. Instead of de-escalating the situation and leaving the apartment, they solved the problem as they solve all such problems. With violence. They attacked the man with pepper spray and when he still wouldn't drop his knife, they executed him with their police weapon. He died from a shot in the upper body. Police are not saying exactly how many shots were fired at him and what injuries he had. Another police department is now investigating the case, but no clarification can be expected from it, as is always the case when the police investigate themselves.

It is as it is often the case. The cops terrorize us without scruples, because they think they can get away with it without any problems. On behalf of the state, they can do so too. All the laws and rules, which are supposedly protected and enforced by the police, are simply ignored when the one who breaks them is a cop. They can take the liberty of murdering us because the state lets them do it, but we will not forget their crimes.

In the week since then, there have been two more deaths caused by police action in NRW alone. In Oer-Erkenschwick, a 39-year-old man died in the night from Sunday to Monday. The police had been called because the man was alleged to have rioted in his apartment. He allegedly resisted arrest, whereupon the police used pepper spray and pinned him to the ground. The man later died in hospital, the cause of death is currently unknown.

Only one day later, cops killed a 16-year-old in Dortmund. He allegedly tried to attack a group of eleven (!) police officers with a knife, whereupon six shots were fired from an MP5. Five of the shots hit the teenager and fatally wounded him.

In these cases, too, no clarification can be expected, which, however, is particularly evident in this case: The Recklinghausen police are taking over the investigation of the fatal operation in Dortmund, while the Dortmund police are investigating the case in Recklinghausen.