On Friday, a rally was held in Bremen's working-class neighborhood of Gröpelingen against the Israeli state's bombing of Gaza on August 5, which killed dozens of Palestinian civilians and seriously injured hundreds, and the deployment of forces to the West Bank, which was called for by the Red Collective.

The rally called for freedom for Palestine and received strong approval from crowds in the neighborhood, with the majority of passersby and drivers showing solidarity by clenching their fists, honking their horns and shouting "Palestine." At times, teenagers and adults from the neighborhood also participated in the rally, as well as a group of children who lined up, demanded permission to carry the red flag with the hammer and sickle and even didn't want to stop shouting the slogan "Viva viva Palestine!". Speeches denounced the terror of the Israeli state and emphasized the perspective of the struggle of the Palestinian people to finally defeat the imperialists and their lackeys.

HB Kundgebung anlässlich der Bombenangriffe auf Gaza 2