The state of Berlin boasts that it is the first state in Germany to offer free daycare places. The alleged aim is to prevent children from being segregated according to their parents' income.

But bourgeois rule would not be bourgeois rule if loopholes were not created at the same time to allow preferential treatment for those with the ability to pay. To this end, additional services were allowed for up to 90 euros a month. Such additional offers can be sports, language or art programs. Another 23 euros per month is charged for lunch.

A particularly blatant case of segregation against working-class children recently came to light in Berlin-Lichterfelde. In the bilingual daycare center "Nanny's Place," membership in a booster club is the hidden distinguishing feature. The cost is 700 euros. The children of parents who could not pay this were put into a separate group. Their group room was a passage room without age-appropriate toys. Additionally perfidious was the name of the group "moles", while the others had English Disney names. Concerned parents filed a complaint against these villainous practices and were summarily banned from the daycare center. They now have to wait for their children outside.

In a society where everything can be bought, this kind of thing will happen again and again. If the selection of the children does not happen via additional costs or support associations, the daycare providers can still decide who they accept and who they do not. Working-class children often get the short end of the stick, and within this group especially those with foreign surnames.