On October 24, there was a large-scale police presence in Rellinghauser Straße in Essen, right next to the main train station. The reason is said to have been an alleged spontaneous rally by angry workers after nine workers were fired.


The situation came about when 100 people gathered in front of the building. However, not to "protest", as claimed in the bourgeois media, but because, according to the report of a affected employee on site, they were simply kicked out the building by the company. What happened was that the management invited the call center department to a staff meeting and announced that nine employees would be laid off. Meanwhile, the colleagues were to be kept from being angry by offering them pizza. Already then, some workers realized that something could not be right. The workers were supposed to be bought with pizza like little children, which didn't work. The call center employees naturally started asking why their colleagues were suddenly fired, but this fell on deaf ears. The management tried to relax the situation and suggested to interrupt the meeting by taking a break and that the colleagues should get some fresh air and smoke down the street in the meantime. What sounds like a harmless suggestion to calm the mood a bit turned out to be a trap. The moment the employees left the building, the doors were closed from the inside and police was informed. The police then came to Rellinghauser Starße with a large contingent and blocked off a large area. Allegedly, clashes were feared and there was talk of a "threatening situation" at hand.

The whole incident shows the panic of the bourgeoisie against the workers. All the employees are being framed as a "brutal mass" that could only be calmed down via a massive police presence. This is in order to delegitimize a potential conflict over the layoffs of the colleagues from the very get-go. What should be clear is that there is every reason to rebel against such cowardly action by the management and its subsequent framing in the media and to demand clarification as to the reason for firing the nine employees in question.