In Dortmund a week ago, a man was killed again during a police operation. The police had been called because a resident stated that the man was rioting in the street. When the cops arrived, the man allegedly punched their car. In addition, cops state that he allegedly overpowered an officer. The man was then assaulted with a Taser, after which he collapsed and " had to be re-animated."

The man ultimately died in the hospital the night of Oct. 18-19. In the meantime it is certain that the 44-year-old had a heavy heart pre-illness. The autopsy report nevertheless states that a "causality between the use of the distance electro-pulse device and the occurrence of death could not be established with certainty." Instead, the cops are trying to justify their victim's death by saying that he must have been drunk. They also want to investigate whether the man was under the influence of other substances. These statements are completely ridiculous in view of the fact that the high danger from taser use in connection with heart disease is generally recognized.

The murder of 16-year-old Mouhamed with a machine gun, also in Dortmund, was not even three months ago. And just as in this case, the investigation is again being taken over "for reasons of neutrality" by the Recklinghausen police, who also killed a man in his apartment within the past few months. In this case in turn investigates the Dortmund police. Interior Minister Reul now promises clarification, a hollow phrase in the face of repeated police killings in NRW. The government faction in the state parliament of the Greens is now also acting outraged, regardless of the fact that the use of tasers was made possible by their agreement in the coalition negotiations.