Last weekend, the federal party conference of the Green Party took place in Bonn. Just how far the party has strayed from its most basic promises becomes clear when one looks at the bourgeois reporting. For example, ZDF asks the question "Where have the Greens gone?".

At the recent party conference, the party managed to simply throw overboard a large part of the themes that provide it with its core electorate. The party, which has always presented itself as an anti-nuclear and peace party, now decides to let nuclear power plants run longer, calls for arms deliveries to Ukraine and, despite all the posturing, has no problem with allowing arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia. In the program for the last Bundestag election, on the other hand, it still sounded like this: "We want to ban exports of German weapons to dictators, regimes that despise human rights and to war zones." Although these arms deliveries were blamed on the previous government, no action is being taken against them.

Likewise, a motion for a "moratorium on evictions" from the Lützerath settlement was rejected by a narrow majority. The "Climate Party" thus votes in favor of the prolonged operation of two coal-fired power plants in NRW and the demolition of the Lützerath settlement in order to be able to mine coal there.

This is not particularly surprising. The Greens already demonstrated their flexibility in terms of principle in the coalition negotiations for the previous federal government, when "by no means a refugee limit" became "refugee limit light." Now that they are actually allowed to govern, it becomes quite clear how hypocritical and dishonest the promises are that brought them to power.

What is particularly shameless about this is that the party is now also trying to sell this party conference as a great success. In interviews on Monday morning, members celebrated themselves as a "party of responsibility" and emphasized how the party had moved together with the resolutions. In fact, however, the Green Party Congress shows that promises are only important as long as they can be used to win votes, and is thus just another step toward the complete political bankruptcy of the Ampel government.