January 7 marked the 18th anniversary of the murder of Oury Jalloh. Oury Jalloh was burned alive in his prison cell at the Dessau police station in 2005 in an attempt by the cops to cover up their brutal torture of him. Afterwards, they alleged that he set himself on fire, but independent investigative work proved this to be physically impossible. The conviction of Oury's murderers to this day has been completely blocked by the state.

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Various organizations and initiatives from all over the FRG participated in the demonstration in Dessau again this year. From Dortmund came relatives of Mouhamed L. Dramé, who was murdered in Dortmund only last August, and from Essen the Initiative Justice for Adel participated in the demonstration. In total, there were an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 demonstration participants who combatively took the memory of Oury Jalloh and other victims of racist police violence in the FRG on the streets of Dessau. As every year, the Dessau cops tried to intimidate and demoralize the new arrivals in Dessau by means of massive police deployment throughout the city and especially at the main train station.

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In the various speeches, the German state and its police were denounced and the killing by the cops was shown to be systematic. Imperialism was often correctly pointed out as the cause of the exploitation and opparession of migrant masses and the fight was declared against it. Especially the slogan "Oury Jalloh - that was murder!" was shouted a lot, because the designation of the murder of Oury Jalloh as precisely that - a murder - is a particularly big thorn in the side of the police, which in the past has already led to severe repression against the organizers of the demonstration. However, no one was intimidated by this and all participants of the demonstration emphasized this fact loudly:

Oury Jalloh, that was murder!