Actions in support of the fight against the Interoceanic Corridor were also carried out in Baden Württemberg and Hesse. We document pictures that were sent to us.

In Freiburg, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Paris Commune, an info table was set up at the university library. Special emphasis was put on the current situation in Mexico and flyers were distributed to draw attention to the murderous policies pursued by the Mexican state. The flyers were received with joy by many passersby and often longer conversations developed.

freiburginfostand Kopie

Further we share pictures of an action from Frankfurt. There, during the night of March 20-21, a banner with the slogan "The Interoceanic Corridor plunders and kills poor peasants and indigenous peoples in Mexico!" was hung in front of the Mexican consulate. Leaflets were also left on the steps in front of the building, the first of which were taken by passersby immediately after the action was concluded.

frankfurtpassmexik Kopie

frankfurtkonsulatmexik Kopie