Last week, Daimler AG announced the elimination of the night shift at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Bremen and, in the process, the dismissal of 500 temporary workers.

Despite slight cutbacks in production, the company's profits have increased significantly in recent years thanks to layoffs already made and particularly massive use of short-time work. But the conversion to electric car production is in full swing, overproduction persists and technology is improving, and so the company is destroying more workforces, starting once again at the bottom with those who were hired to be laid off right back when needed.

On Thursday, the staff at the Bremen works was officially informed of the outrageous plans by the works management in the works meetings, while Coke and Sausage were offered. The Red Women's Committee conducted a banner action in advance on the same day on the factory grounds shortly after the shift change from the night shift to the morning shift, between Gate 8 and Hall 9, the main assembly location in the factory and thus the main place of employment for most of the workers. The colleagues on the spot from the night shift supported the action and in part also posed afterwards, as the picture sent to us shows.

Keine Entlassungen Mercedes Werk Bremen März 2023

No lay-offs! Combat and Resist!