Baden-Württemberg is planning to create five new judicial positions and to set up a new Stastsschutzsenat. The Minister of the Interior, Marion Gentges (CDU), justifies this current development with the increasing number of trials against so-called Reichsbürger, which would overburden the judicial system. She is supported in this not only by the governing parties, the CDU and the Greens, but also by the opposition.

Of course, the Reichsbürger are a group of ultra-reactionaries and counter-revolutionaries who must be fought. For the FRG, however, the fight against these reactionaries is only a cover for the further expansion of the repressive organs of the bourgeois state, which are by no means directed only against fascists and reactionaries. On the contrary, these organs serve the struggle against anyone who rejects this state and is prepared to take up the struggle against it, i.e., first and foremost against the revolutionary movement.

This also becomes clear when we see how bourgeois politicians classify this development.

For example, SPD politician Boris Weirauch commented on this development as follows: "This also includes the consistent prosecution of crimes that endanger the state [...] There can be no pardon. Extremist violent criminals belong behind bars." Here he deliberately equates the reactionary Reichsbürger with revolutionaries and revolutionarists. As with the fantasized "storming of the Reichstag," the so-called "right-wing extremists" serve as justification for the further reactionarization of the German state.

It is clear that this state cannot play a progressive role at any moment and that whoever relies on this state to fight fascists and other reactionaries is doomed. It is cynical that the ruling parties pose as defenders of democracy while they themselves carry out an all-out attack on democratic rights and the livelihood of the people.