Yesterday, Saturday, the Alliance against Imperialist Aggression (BgiA) organised a manifestation at the Steindamm in Hamburg and denounced the renewed attacks of Israel on the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Gaza Strip, as well as the repression against the supporters of the Palestinian struggle here in the FRG. Especially the repression against the comrades of Samidoun, whose demonstration was banned by the Berlin police, was condemned. In the past week, there have also been calls from senior German politicians for Samidoun to be banned.

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The manifestation was a good sign of solidarity and attracted some attention. Many took photos of the manifestation, some approached the participants and thanked them for the BgiA taking to the streets for Palestine. The response to the manifestation was once again proof that the masses here in the FRG do not follow the agitation of the German state, but stand behind the struggle of the Palestinian people.