This week, the Red Collective Bremen mobilised for a presentation on the mass protests in France against the pension reform of Macron's government. After an introduction about the political situation in France and the necessity of the reform for French imperialism, the development of the protests since the beginning of the year was described in detail, focusing on the French masses' unwavering willingness to struggle.

It also highlighted the powerful work that has been and continues to be developed by the French revolutionaries within the protests. The police violence against a comrade of the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire, who had a shock grenade fired at his head during protests against a large dam project in Sainte Soline, was also discussed and condemned. At the end of the lecture, the perspective that such struggles are also an absolute possibility in Germany in the closer future was emphasised and a call was made for a combative celebration of the 1st of May.