As every year, various activities were carried out in 2023 for the Day of the International Proletariat in Freiburg. Among them was the annual demonstration of the DGB, in which, as always, a large contingent of revolutionarist forces participated.

In the anti-capitalist block of the demonstration this year, in addition to the red flag with hammer and sickle, the flag of the Red League could be seen. Furthermore, on the eve of May Day and after the union demonstration, there was a street festival organized by parts of the movement, with information booths, food and drinks. Proletarian revolutionaries also participated in these activities. Both during the demonstration and at the street festival at an information stand, copies of the Rote Post and Klassenstandpunkt were sold and leaflets with the declaration of the International Communist League were distributed. Numerous conversations continued to draw attention to the founding of the Red League.




We also document pictures of red flags with hammer and sickle, which were sighted in the districts of Weingarten and Stühlinger.