On Sunday, June 18, this year's football tournament in memory of the German-Algerian worker Adel B., who was murdered by the police in 2019, will take place in Essen-Altendorf for the second time already. The tournament was launched and organized for the first time last year by the Initiative Justice for Adel and this year is also supported by the newly founded Red League. In the following we would like to share with you some impressions from the mobilization that have been sent to us by the comrades.

As in the previous year, posters were hung up in various shops on the main street Altendorfer Straße in cooperation with the small business owners who want to show solidarity regarding case of Adel B. and support the struggle against racist police violence.

Adel 2023 Laden 1 Adel 2023 Laden 3
Adel 2023 Laden 4 Adel 2023 Laden 2


The posters have also been hung up in the rest of the district, especially around Ehrenzeller Platz, a popular hangout spot where the tournament will take place again this year. Many posters were also hung next to the stencils with the portrait of Adel, which are already an integral part of the quarter's cityscape for some time now, on which “Adel B. – murdered by the police on 18.06.2019!” is written.

Adel 2023 Altendorf 1 Adel 2023 Altendorf 2
Adel 2023 Altendorf 3 Adel 2023 Altendorf 4
Adel 2023 Altendorf 5 Adel 2023 Altendorf 6


In addition to the posters, many flyers with the poster motif on one side and a short appeal on the other side have been and will continuously be distributed and also laid out in shops until June 18. The comrades of the Initiative and the Red League have reported that, similar to last year, they have been met with great resonance and joy among the masses and especially the children of the district.

Adel 2023 Poster Adel 2023 Flyer