From October 10 to 12, the so-called "Joint Air and Space Power Conference" of NATO took place in Essen. The aim and purpose of this Nato conference, which is organized by the "Joint Air Power Competence Centre" based in Kalkar, is to promote the exchange between military command personnel of different Nato members among themselves. In addition, representatives from the arms industry and bourgeois political advisors from think thanks representing different factions of the respective bourgeoisie also regularly come to such occasions. The host of this event, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre, is one of 28 so-called "Centres of Excellence" established by NATO, which function as national or often multinational military service centers and aim to bundle the various NATO forces under one focus topic. In this case it is about warfare in the air and in space.

Demonstration gegen die Nato Konferenz1

In Essen various actions took place which were directed against this war conference of the imperialists. Thus, on October 7, up to a hundred people gathered at the Porschekanzel in Essen to protest against the NATO conference. Beside different forces from the revolutionary movement, also activists of the Red League took part in the demonstration and denounced the advancing militarization and armament of the imperialists and the suffering they bring over the peoples of the world in their struggle for the re-partition of the world.

Demonstration gegen die Nato Konferenz2

In addition, we were sent the picture of a propaganda action at the Essen-West train station, which we want to publish here("Down with the Nato! Death to Imperialism")

Propagandaaktion gegen die Nato Konferenz1

Propagandaaktion gegen die Nato Konferenz2